Wanberg Hall


Close to the Graham Athletics Center and the Hartley Faculty-in-Residence House, Wanberg Hall houses 90 students and is co-educational by floor.

Wanberg Hall double rooms are 15' x 14'. The lounge includes amenities such as cable television, an air hockey table, and shared kitchen. A study lounge is available for student use on the second floor. Recent renovations include restroom upgrades and aesthetic improvements. Eco-friendly elements include water-saving toilets, low-flow shower heads, energy-saving light bulbs, and recycling bins. A professional staff member lives on the first floor of Wanberg Hall.


Named after a prominent local dentist, the Dr. George Wanberg residence hall for men opened in 1949. It was the first to have a television set on campus. Most of the cost of the residence hall was donated by Maye Wanberg, wife of Dr. Wanberg and friend of Bonnie Bell Wardman.

Wanberg Single

Wanberg Double