Mission & Values


Grounded in Whittier College's Quaker tradition and values, Student Life, in partnership with the faculty, provides high quality co-curricular programs and services to students designed to foster learning and personal development.

In conjunction with the College's Liberal Arts "4 Cs" curriculum (Community, Connections, Cultural Perspectives, and Communication), the goals of Student Life are:

  • To provide innovative programs and services that help develop a passionate and engaged campus community.
  • To instill Quaker values, such as: respect, honesty, integrity, community, consensus, inclusivity and accountability.
  • To foster the ability to serve a broader community and develop leadership abilities and strong character.
  • To advocate for a balanced mind, body and spirit.
  • To empower students to engage in a diverse community.
  • To promote student success through challenges, expectations, experiences, responsibility and support.


Student Life at Whittier College subscribes to the following set of core values that provide the underlying structure for the development of community and our work with students.

  • Learning: Continuous professional growth and development that allows us to provide cutting edge programs and services for our students.
  • Respect: Acknowledging the dignity of each person; modeling care and consideration for all members of the community and their contributions.
  • Teamwork: Modeling collaboration that results in synergy and a high functioning team that provides quality programs and services for our students.
  • Open Communication: Demonstrating self-awareness, transparency, and reflective listening skills while honoring the perspectives and wisdom of others.