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About The Rock

Published bi-annually, The Rock is the official magazine of Whittier College. With a subscriber readership of approximately 17,000, the magazine serves as the primary conduit for information about the College’s programs, people, and activities.

Regular departments include:

  • President’s Corner: Sharon Herzberger’s editorial on life at Whittier College.
  • Around the Rock: This section features Campus News (briefs), Faculty Files (travels, publishing, honors, and submitted articles), and Society Pages (updates from Whittier’s 10 fraternities and sororities).
  • Sports: This section offers seasonal wraps, interviews with athletes or coaches, and other business and updates from Whittier Athletics.
  • Features: Typically includes in-depth articles, alumni profiles, or special coverage of an event.
  • Developing Whittier: Offers an update on gifts to the College, financial news, and other updates from the Office of Advancement.
  • Alumni News: This section features a letter from the Alumni Association President, reports from Whittier’s Regional Alumni Chapters (Hawaii and Washington), Poet-to-Poet (class notes), travel opportunities, event notices, and other news for alumni.
  • Senior Highlight: A photo-profile of a graduating senior, this department introduces some of the newest members of the Alumni Association, highlighting student accomplishments and sharing favorite memories.