Whittier Scholars Program


Why design your own major?

As a freshman, I had no idea what I wanted to do in college; but because of the Whittier Scholars Program (WSP)—where I’ve been able to design my own major—I’ve discovered my passion and where I want to take it.

WSP allows me to take a wide variety of courses from different departments like international marketing, computer science, psychology, and journalism. Because I’m able to experience different teaching methods, writing styles, and perspectives, I feel like I’m a stronger student and more understanding human being. Through these courses, I’ve also found a discipline I’m extremely interested in: consumer behavior, which is part psychology and part marketing. Without WSP, I likely wouldn’t have taken a psychology class at all, hence, I would never have found this passion for understanding people.

WSP also introduced me to Digital Liberal Arts (DigLibArts), Whittier’s center for creatively using technology in our classrooms, which is where I found my passion for the digital world. The skills and knowledge I’ve gained here is what helped me secure a digital marketing internship at ServiceMax – a place where I potentially might start my marketing career after graduation.

Not only has WSP introduced me to new interests, it’s allowed me to incorporate my personal interests into my education. I’ve always loved Disney, so that’s what led me to exploring how consumers’ personalities relate to their favorite Disney character for my senior project. I would love to work for Disney or Pixar, and through WSP, I created a project that I could present in an interview one day!

Now, as I prepare to graduate from Whittier, I feel great about my future knowing I took my educational design into my own hands. This close-knit community has exposed me to original conversation, diverse people, and life-lasting knowledge. I’ve gained the education and skills that I came to Whittier for, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join the WSP.

- Nicole Guzzo
Whittier Scholars Program