WASC Accreditation


Institutional Accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) assures the college community, general public, and local organizations that Whittier College is in compliance with federal standards.

WASC is one of six official academic bodies in the United States that is charged with the accreditation of Whittier College.

At Whittier, an accredited institution, assessment and reflection are critical components to continuing and reinforcing our mission as an institution of higher education.

Our theme-based approach to our 4 C’s (Community, Culture, Connections, and Communication) represents an on-going project that engages the community in setting goals and evaluating our progress and accountability towards them.

WASC accreditation is also an opportunity for Whittier College to demonstrate the involvement from stakeholders from all levels. The WASC steering group led by the Vice President and Academic Dean helps guide multiple standing committees, departments and working groups in data gathering and analysis for the purpose of institutional review and evaluation, which help the college keep in good condition the self-review process, system of quality assurance, data collection, and analysis.

The 2009 Institutional Proposal

The Institutional Proposal guides the review process, from the Capacity and Preparatory Review (CPR) to the Educational Effectiveness Review (EER). The report is a response to concerns raised during the last accreditation, the contexts for its accreditation review, and strategies for assessing and improving student and organizational learning.

2011 Capacity and Preparatory Review (CPR)

The Capacity and Preparatory Review (CPR) provides updated data on capacity measures regarding Whittier’s College 4 C’s, especially in regards to Community, Culture, and Connection.

Educational Effectiveness Review

The Educational Effectiveness Review (EER) examines the institution’s effectiveness of educational programs along with the College’s 4 C’s, especially Community, Culture, and Connection.

2012 Educational Effectiveness Review (EER)
2013 Educational Effectiveness Review (EER) 
Commission Action Letter