After Whittier

Whittier College Art & Art History majors graduate with a wide variety of opportunities before them. Alumni have completed advanced degrees at institutions that include CalArts, Claremont Graduate School, NYU, the Pratt Institute, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, The University of Iowa, University of Wisconsin, and the University of Southern California.

Graduates who enter the professional arena have enjoyed careers in galleries and museums, in fine arts, design, business, architecture, education, publishing, industry, and travel.

See what our alumni are up to

Alumni Spotlight: Katie Jenkins-MosesKatie Jenkins-Moses '13
Master of Fine Arts Student
San Francisco Art Institute

"I will always value my experiences while at Whittier. It gave me a safe place to explore all my interests - art, journalism, politics, and history - in a creative, motivating, and rewarding environment." Read More

After Whittier: Simone GrossmanSimone Weinstein-Grossman '12
Co-Owner and Manager
Taxidermy to Little Dame LLC

"My mom always mentioned that I was able to draw before I could walk. It is in my blood and I crave it everyday, so I knew it was a good fit for me to be an art major. I sometimes felt unwise being an art major but over time I realized that the craft to something as simple as being able to draw is much more respected and valued than I gave myself credit for." Read More

Alumni Spotlight: Kyrah Reddey '11​Kyrah Reddey '11
Fine Art Department Manager
Michaan's Auctions

"My time at Whittier taught me the history behind the pieces I look at daily and Christie’s taught me what to look for when authenticating pieces for auction. I have taken what I've learned throughout the years from high school to college through grad school and use them everyday at my job. My time at Whittier gave me my foundation and since then I have tried to add to it daily." Read More

Katy Collier '06 in her studioKaty Collier '06
Artist and Educator

"I always knew I loved art, but I did have to make the decision to major in it since I didn't always know if I would pursue art professionally. My time at Whittier helped me to decide what other things I wanted to study along with art and I was able to broaden my interests by taking classes in science, writing, and philosophy, etc." Read more

Carolyn Mukai '13Carolyn Mukai '13
Student of Naturopathic Medicine
Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine

"At Whittier I was able to explore chemistry, art, and the occasional overlap between the two. From my interdisciplinary education, I am well trained to think logically but also creatively about how to solve problems and make important observations." Read more


Chris Lahti ​’01Head of Curating
Gemini G.E.L. (CA)

"During my initial [visit to Whittier], I was inspired by the environment inside Wardman Gym (the art building). The open layout of the studio spaces felt progressive and appealed to my interests of exploring new ideas through visual art. Witnessing all the displayed artworks and eclectic space, it was obvious that there was a high level of activity. It felt like a place where I would be comfortable to learn and be inspired." Read more

Edgar Harden ’93
Private Art and Wine Consultant

"Throughout your tenure at Whittier, think about what you are studying and what you want to do professionally once you leave Whittier and then weave them together through your course selection and summer internships; don't take a year off after Whittier to figure out what you want to do - the world moves too fast now and you will be left behind. Above all, don't just learn from your art professors in class, talk to them about art in the real world; they know a lot." Read more