Admission Representatives

Kieron MillerKieron Miller

Works with students from: Hawaii

This is Kieron's sixteenth year in the Admission Office at Whittier. As Director of Admission, his responsibilities are more than we can list here. He is an avid Los Angeles Lakers fan and has a vast selection of ties that rivals any department store. A graduate of Loyola Marymount University, Kieron's major focused on African History. His passion for coffee takes him to The Coffee Bean or Winchell's quite often, and when traveling you will find him drinking his coveted cup of Dunkin' Donuts java. Kieron is also the proud father of a eight year old iPad addict named Owen.

David LaineDavid Laine '07
Works with students from: Texas, Central Coast (CA), Southbay (CA), and San Fernando Valley (CA).

David is a recent graduate of Whittier College. David can often be found in his office singing in the style of Pavarotti or Alvin and the Chipmunks, depending on how his day is going. David is rarely seen without a book, whether it is Beowulf or Lord of the Rings. David can speak Old English, Elvish, and Klingon. David would also like to say that Scottish Terriers are the best dogs...ever (Darryl seconds that)!

Gabriel ChabranGabriel Chabran '07

Works with students from Sacramento (CA), Central Valley (CA) and all transfer students

Gabriel or Gab as he likes to be known is also a recent Whittier College grad (2006). Gab is the official Office "B" Movie star and can be seen doing the zombie shuffle in "Diary of the Dead." Apart from trying to eat the brains of his fellow colleagues, Gab can be found hosting art shows, trash talking, and doing Tai Chi on campus (come visit to check him out!). Gab also loves long beach walks, vampire novels, and the color amber.

Darryl FoyDarryl Foy '04

Works with students from: Washington, Oregon, Long Beach (CA) and San Diego (CA).

Hailing from Middlesbrough and Manchester England, Darryl came to the states seven years ago to study at Whittier. A 2004 graduate, he is a "devoted and loyal Manchester United" football fan (that's soccer here in the states). Darryl's resemblance to Harry Potter is uncanny, so it is a good thing that he enjoys the books and movies (though he would prefer to be James Bond). Darryl's life is controlled by his Scottish Terrier, Indy. Darryl would also like to add that English food is not bad.

Richard ScaffidiRichard Scaffidi '76

Works with students from: Glendale (CA), Pasadena (CA), Colorado, New England, New Jersey, New York, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

This Whittier graduate keeps our other drama geeks (David & Anthony in Financial Aid) on their toes. Nights when Richard and his favorite actress, Gail, are not at the theater, they watch Dodgers games or walk their furry four-legged son, Mulligan. Richard is excited to be traveling to New York this fall, as he is currently writing a Broadway musical about the admission process, including songs like "A = D 'cause My Math Teacher Had It In for Me" and "How Come My Essay Don't Work When I Am So Great?"  Ask Richard why his photo is pasted to the center of John Travolta's dart board...

Laura ArensteinLaura Arenstein
Works with all international students

This Occidental College graduate comes to Whittier with a love for food. She is famous in the office for being ESPN’s corndog eating champion of 2009. Laura recruits all over the world and this gives her the opportunity to eat some of her favorite foods- Haggis (sheep’s stomach), Fried Spiders, and Witchetty Grubs. Laura also has a love for antiques, which is why she worked briefly at MySpace (please ask your grandparents about this ancient Facebook). Please don’t sing ‘’Let it Go’’ or talk about Frozen in Laura’s presence (she had such high hopes of winning Culver City’s Elsa custom contest of 2014, and was beaten by a 4 year old). Laura is the resident Cheesehead and lives by her family motto- “Follow me or perish, sweater monkeys”.

Meghan Couch-EdwardsMeghan Couch-Edwards

Works with students from: San Jose (CA), Palo Alto (CA), Oakland (CA), San Rafael (CA), San Francisco (CA), Berkeley (CA), San Mateo (CA), West Los Angeles and West Beach (CA), and La Puente/Covina (CA).

Meghan, or Megatron, as she likes to be known, is our office resident Transformer. Mega is a massive fan of people dressed as mascots, cartoon characters, and other funny costumes. You will find her on most weekends at Disneyland (only 16 miles away) hunting down Mickey, Minnie and the gang..just to hug their massive heads. Originally hailing from Maine, Mega has a love for lobsters and is famous in her hometown of Newport for her renown lobster Shakespearian puppet show- A Midsummer Night’s Lobster (or as they are known in Italy- The Lobsters of Venice). Mega spent a semester in Argentina were she became known as the piped piper of stray dogs…she saved many lives and is now an excellent flutist.  

Adrianna PrejnaAdrianna Prejna '07
Works with students from: Arizona, Nevada, Hollywood and Wilshire (CA), Whittier (CA), South Los Angeles (CA) and East Los Angeles (CA).

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles . . . heroes in a half shell. TURTLE POWER! Adrianna is a Whittier grad who just can't get enough of those little green dudes (including the one she has at home). This choir singing, ASL learning, Psyche loving girl is the newest member of the Whittier Admission Office, and is starting to feel at home with the rest of this funky bunch. Adrianna can often be heard listening to country or smooth jazz, and wastes a lot of her time meowing back to cats when they meow at her. This book worm can proudly boast that she has read 50 out of the 100 most popular books (surveyed by the BBC), and loves Pride and Prejudice with or without Zombies (Gabriel Chabran was once cast as the zombie Mr. Darcy).

Janine Bissic​​Janine Bissic ‘08
Works with students from: Illinois, Maryland, District of Columbia, Orange County (CA),  Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ontario (CA)

​Janine is the newest member to the Whittier Dream Team and graduated from Whittier in 2008. After having her arms surgically attached to her sides, Janine went on to win the hearts and minds of the Irish people while appearing and competing on the Irish-American Dance Idol 2004. Janine has since left her dancing shoes behind and is now a devoted mother to her two-year old son, Liam. She hopes the LA Lakers will one day be a better team than the LA Clippers. Janine is so deliriously happy to be back at her Alma Mater that she has only one thing to say- “I said a hip hop, Hippie to the Hippie, The hip, hip a hop and don’t stop, a rock it.” We think this is a reference to the famous Whittier College Rock!