Admission Representatives

We are excited to get to know you! Your Admission Representative will work with you throughout the admission process, reading your application, advocating you to the Admission Committee, and addressing your questions and concerns. Admission Reps manage specific territories based on where you attend school. To get in touch with your personal Admission Representative, select the option below that best represents you.

Janine BissicJanine Bissic '08
Director of Admission

Before joining the team, Janine traveled the world wearing a giant curly wig and never using her arms. That's right - she was a competitive Irish Step Dancer (yes...think Riverdance). Janine has since left her dancing shoes behind and is happily married to a super famous musician with whom she has two hilarious children. She is a passionate Lakers fan, even going so far as to plan the birth of her son to land on the birthday of Kobe Bryant. This fact is a good example of her planning expertise as well as her love for the purple and gold, which just so happen to be Whittier College's colors too! She gladly accepts all challenges to dance battle… anytime, anyplace.

Gabriel ChabranGabriel Chabran '06
Assistant Director of Admission

Gabriel or Gab as he likes to be known is also a Whittier College grad (2006). Gab is the official Office "B" Movie star and can be seen doing the zombie shuffle in "Diary of the Dead." Apart from trying to eat the brains of his fellow colleagues, Gab can be found hosting art shows, trash talking, and doing Tai Chi on campus (come visit to check him out!). Gab also loves long beach walks, vampire novels, and the color amber.

Meghan Couch-EdwardsMeghan Couch-Edwards '14
Admission Counselor

Meghan, or Megatron, as she likes to be known, is our office resident Transformer. Mega is a massive fan of people dressed as mascots, cartoon characters, and other funny costumes. You will find her on most weekends at Disneyland (only 16 miles away) hunting down Mickey, Minnie and the gang... just to hug their massive heads. Originally hailing from Maine, Mega has a love for lobsters and is famous in her hometown of Northport for her renowned lobster Shakespearian puppet show—A Midsummer Night's Lobster (or as they are known in Italy—The Lobsters of Venice). Mega spent a semester in Argentina where she became known as the pied piper of stray dogs... she saved many lives and is now an excellent flutist.

Darryl FoyDarryl Foy '04
Associate Director of Admission

Hailing from Middlesbrough and Manchester England, Darryl came to the states fifteen years ago to study at Whittier. A 2004 graduate, he is a "devoted and loyal Manchester United" football fan (that's soccer here in the states). Darryl's resemblance to Harry Potter is uncanny, so it is a good thing that he enjoys the books and movies (though he would prefer to be James Bond). Darryl's life is controlled by his two boys, Jack & Max, and Scottish Terrier, Indy. Darryl would also like to add that English food is great.

David LaineDavid Laine '07
Assistant Director of Admission

David graduated with a B.A. in English and Music from Whittier College in 2007, and received his M.S. in Environmental Studies from Green Mountain College in 2015. He can often be found singing in the style of Ben Folds or David Bowie, depending on how his day is going, but his signature song is Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now." David is rarely without a book, unless he's traveling with his Nook. David loves A Game of Thrones; he pores over Gaiman's tomes. He loves to read Lovecraft and Poe, but Bradbury is best, you know. When not reading weird fantasy and horror, David writes grants for environmental organizations and plays board games that most people have never heard of.

Adrianna PrejnaAdrianna Prejna '07
Assistant Director of Admission

"The wheels on the bus go round and round…"  Adri can often be heard singing this earworm throughout the day thanks to the eclectic musical tastes of her children. You're welcome. This choir nerd certainly feels at home with the Admission's own hip-hop group, Kieron and the Funky Bunch. Besides her penchant for the existential nursery rhyme, Adri wastes a lot of her time meowing back to cats when they meow at her. This book worm can proudly boast that she has read 50 out of the 100 most popular books (thanks in no small part to her Audible account), and loves Pride and Prejudice with or without Zombies... NO SPOILERS!

Richard ScaffidiRichard Scaffidi '76
Associate Director of Admission

This "Dramalum" directed or acted in dozens of plays at Whittier either as a student or faculty member. In Hollywood he gained renown as an entertainment journalist; notably 13 years on the select L.A. Drama Critics Circle. Yet Richard's zeal for theatre is matched by his love for dogs, and for baseball ("Go Dodgers!"), including 30-plus years as the wheeler-dealer "owner" of a championship Rotisserie League team named "Richard's Poor Almanacs." Besides that, he was a winner on TV's "Wheel of Fortune"; his older brother Roy also graduated Whittier; and he's worked in Admission for colleges founded by Quakers, Taoists, Jews, and Catholics – but not simultaneously.