Planning Your Visit to Whittier College


Choose the tour that’s right for you! Can’t wait to see the campus? Take our online virtual tour! 

Prospective Student

As a prospective student, you can schedule an information session and campus tour to learn the basics about Whittier College, and if you’d like you can meet personally with an Admission Representative after your tour. As and admitted senior, if you would like to get a fuller sense of what Whittier College can offer you academically and socially, we can also arrange a classroom or overnight visit for you. 

College Counselor/Community-Based Organization Representatives and Groups

If you’re bringing a group of prospective high school students on a college tour, we can schedule a special group visit with a private tour and meeting with an Admission Representative. Or if you’re visiting Whittier College on your own, we can arrange an information session and campus tour for you, and schedule time after the tour for you to meet with the counselor who works with your students.