Jason Carbine

Professor of Religious Studies Jake CarbineThe C. Milo Connick Chair of Religious Studies

Associate Professor

Department of Religious Studies
562.907.4200, ext. 4339






Academic History

B.A. Bowdoin College
M.A., PhD University of Chicago

Academic Interests

Burma/Myanmar; Sri Lanka; Buddhism; History of Religions; Comparative Religious Ethics


Jason ("Jake") Carbine received his Ph.D. in History of Religions at the University of Chicago Divinity School in 2004. He’s taught at Whittier College since 2007. His research expertise focuses on the history and culture of Buddhism in South and Southeast Asia, and on Myanmar and Sri Lanka in particular. His teaching and research about religion draws from the fields of history, anthropology and sociology, textual studies, comparative religious ethics, and most recently, environmental studies.  Jake currently directs a grant dealing with Asian studies and the environment, with a focus on Myanmar and China.

Works in Progress

How Theravada is Theravada? Exploring Buddhist Identities, co-edited with Peter Skilling and Claudio Cicuzza (Fragile Palm Leaves Foundation, Lumbini International Research Institute, forthcoming)

"Sasanasuddhi / Simasammuti: Comments on a Spatial Basis of the Buddha's Religion," in How Theravada is Theravada?

The Kalyani Inscriptions: A New Translation (Pali Text Society, under agreement)

Books and Articles in Print

Sons of the Buddha: Continuities and Ruptures in a Burmese Monastic Tradition (De Gruyter, 2011)

“Care for Buddhism: Text, Ceremony, and Religious Emotion in a Monk’s Final Journey,” in The Buddhist Dead: Practices, Discourses, Representations, eds. Jacqueline Stone and Bryan Cuevas (University of Hawaii Press/Kuroda, 2007)

“Shwegyin Sasana: Continuity, Rupture, and Traditionalism in a Buddhist Tradition,” in Historicizing “Tradition” in the Study of Religion, eds. Steven Engler and Gregory Grieve (De Gruyter, 2005)

“Burmese, Buddhist Literature in,” in Encyclopedia of Buddhism, editor-in-chief Robert Buswell (Macmillan, 2003)

The Life of Buddhism, co-edited with Frank E. Reynolds (University of California Press, 2000)

“Yaktovil: The Role of the Buddha and Dhamma,” in Life of Buddhism

“Sangha,” in Encyclopedia of Monasticism, ed. William Johnston (Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, 2000)

“Discord and Concord in Buddhist Perspective,” co-author with Frank Reynolds and Robert Yelle, in Ideas of Concord and Discord in Selected World Religions, ed. Joseph Gittler (JAI Press, 2000)

Book Reviews

“Spreading the Dhamma,” in Journal of Asian Studies (2010)

"Popularizing Buddhism,” in H-Buddhism (2009)

“Cambodian Buddhism,” in Journal of Buddhist Ethics (2009)

“Mental Culture in Burmese Crisis Politics,” in The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (2002)

“The Feast of the Sorcerer,” in Journal of Religion (1998)