Human Subject Research

IRB Submission and Review Dates (subject to change):


Month Submission Date Review Date
August* 8/20/13 9/17/13
September 9/24/13 10/15/13
October 10/22/13 11/19/13
November 11/26/13 12/17/13
December 12/20/13 1/21/14


Month Submission Date Review Date
January 1/28/14 2/18/14
February 2/25/14 3/11/14
March 3/25/14 4/22/14
April 4/29/14 5/13/14
August* 8/20/14 9/16/14
* These application submission and review dates are tentative. Applications submitted in August will be reviewed as soon as the IRB/HSPC committee can convene.

Submission Information and IRB Contact Information

  • Compile your application and all associated materials (i.e., consent forms, surveys, questionnaires, reading materials, lesson plans, examples of visual aids, etc.) that will be administered to participants into one PDF file.
  • Submit your PDF file to the IRB/HSPC Chairs using the online submission system at
  • Whittier College affiliated? Use your Moodle username & password to log in after clicking on the above link. ​
  • Non-Whittier College affiliated? Log in as “guest.” Moodle will prompt you to enter an enrollment key (you will be asked for the key EVERY time you log on). The enrollment key is “irb2013.” Next, click “Enroll me in this course.”

Non-Whittier College Investigators
If you would like to recruit Whittier College faculty and/or students as research participants, submit the following in one pdf file using the Moodle on-line submission system:

  • Your approved IRB application from your own institution.
  • A completed Whittier College IRB application.
  • Any other associated materials and documents (i.e., surveys, questionnaires, reading materials, examples of visual aids used, etc.) that will be administered to participants.
  • Completed Whittier College consent form(s). Note: If you will be using your own institution's IRB consent form, you must ensure that the Whittier College IRB Chair's contact information is written on the consent form.

Contact IRB Chairs
Please address any questions and or concerns to the IRB Chairs:

Do You Need a Full or Expedited IRB Review?

No Need for IRB Review
If any or both of the following items apply:

  • Live-human subjects are not needed as participants.
  • The data used are from national collections or depositories.

Full IRB Review
If section A and any item in section B apply (except when the research qualifies for expedited review; see below):


  • Data collection involves live-human subjects. For example: human tissue samples, human fluid samples, interviews, recordings (voice and video), questionnaires, surveys, focus groups, personal reflections and thoughts (journals or diaries).


  • Data will be analyzed and published.
  • Data will be analyzed and presented at conferences (local, regional, or international meetings) or in any peer-reviewed format.

Expedited Review
All applications requesting an expedited review must be submitted to the IRB Chair for final approval. An investigator can request an expedited review of their IRB application if they meet section A or B or C and any item from section D.


  • The data collection and proposed research poses no risk to non-vulnerable human subjects.


  • The data collection and proposed research poses no risk to vulnerable human subjects, and is obtained through normal everyday activities.


  • The intended research and collection of data are only for personal professional improvement and or dissemination only within the teaching institution. 


  • The investigator has taken both of the NIH-OHRP IRB training modules and submitted their certifications to the current IRB chair.
  • The investigator's research proposal has been approved by a NIH-OHRP IRB certified Whittier College Faculty member who has filed their certificates with the current IRB Chair.

General IRB Application Information

  • Please ensure that your application is signed. An electronic signature is acceptable.
  • All applicants must submit any associated forms (surveys, questionnaires, reading materials, examples of visual aids, etc) that they will be administering to their participants.
  • All IRB applications should specify that research participants must be 18 or older if they are recruiting college students.
  • All applicants planning to collect data from participants under the age of 18 must include a consent form for the parent or legal guardian to sign.
  • All applications must clearly state whether participation will be confidential or anonymous. Confidential means participants' identifying information will be coded. Anonymous means there will be no identification of participants.

Undergraduate and Graduate School Investigators

  • Student researchers must clearly state whether they are an undergraduate or graduate student, their contact information, and the department they are working under on both the IRB application and consent forms.
  • Student researchers must have a Whittier College Faculty supervisor and their supervisor's contact information must be stated on their IRB application and consent forms.
  • Student researchers must have their Whittier College Faculty supervisor review their application and sign the FACULTY RESEARCH ADVISOR ASSURANCE section of the IRB application prior to submission to the IRB for review.

IRB Applications, Consent Forms, and Policy Documents

IRB Applications:

Consent Forms:

Below are links to several general Whittier College consent forms for your convenience; please determine which form best meets your needs. Note that the language of the consent form must be appropriate for the intended individuals from whom you are soliciting consent.

Whittier College Protection of Human Subjects Policies:

Key Human Subjects Research Documents and Websites

How do I become NIH-OHRP IRB Certified for Whittier College?

In order to become NIH-OHRP IRB Certified you must: