ASWC Senate

The Student Senate is the elected government of the ASWC (Associated Students of Whittier College) that consists of an Executive Cabinet, nine representatives, and six governing body chairs all who serve one-year calendar terms. There are also six standing committees, headed by a member of the Executive Cabinet, that help to conduct the regular business of ASWC. Any member of the ASWC can serve on a committee.

Any ASWC member/Whittier College student can serve on a committee.

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The Senate meets every Monday night at 7:00 p.m. in Villalobos Hall. Students are welcome and encouraged to attend. There is a Public Voice section at every meeting for students to share their thoughts or concerns.

View meeting agendas and minutes with in the file section of the ASWC OrgSync Portal.


Via Email Via Mail At Our Office
Submit legislation
or discussion topics to
Associated Students of
Whittier College
c/o Whittier College
13406 E. Philadelphia Street
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Whittier College
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Office of the ASWC Senate
First Floor, Building A
Suite 126


ASWC Elections are held every April for the Executive Cabinet and Representatives. The First-Year Class Council elections are held every September and serve the same term as the other Senators.


The ASWC Senate, as the governing body of the Associated Students of Whittier College, is dedicated to the betterment of the college as an institution and as a member of the broader community. The Senate shall assist on-campus clubs and organizations in creating, promoting and implementing dynamic programs and events that involve students and add value to their educational experience. This body will act as an open forum for students to voice their opinions and desires, always keeping the best interests of the ASWC in mind. In all of its actions, the Senate will serve the students first with integrity, dedication, responsibility and humility.

Governing Documents