ASWC Representatives

Another component of student government are the representatives of different constituents of the student body. Students can voice and discuss concerns or bring suggestions to Senate representatives. To get involved, contact the Senate at or stop by the ASWC office in the Campus Center.

Freshman Class Council - Each year, the freshman class elects a freshman class president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. These four offices work with the freshman class and ASWC to create events and activities to unite the freshman class. The freshman class president and vice president also serve as freshman class representatives in the Senate.

Off-Campus (Commuter) Representatives – Serves as the voice for those students who are commuting to campus. Representatives meet regularly to discuss issues such as parking, food service, and study areas.

On-Campus (Residence Hall) Representatives – The voice for students living on campus. Representatives from Ball/Wardman, Wanberg, Turner, and Harris host two forums per semester in their respective residence halls and meet regularly with residential life staff to communicate resident concerns.

Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) – Organization of and for Divison III student athletes. One male and one female SAAC representative serve on Senate.

Student Body Representatives – Four student body representatives are elected along with the executive cabinet in November and serve a calendar-year term. The study body representatives serve as the voice of the entire student body, organize topical information sessions and forums, and conduct surveys to gage student concerns.