Whittier College School Song & Alma Mater


“Friends Forever”

Hail to thee, dear Whittier
Home of friends forever!
Thou art virtuous, Whittier,
In thy endeavor.
Now we charge thee, Whittier,
Home where peace and truth are nourished,
Grant to youth thy spirit ’til
Hopes and dreams have fully flourished.
Forward ever, Whittier;
Falter never, Whittier!
Friends forever, Whittier;
Alma mater, Whittier!


Alma Mater

When the dews of eve are falling,
Glistening on the campus loved so well,
Then our hearts to thee are calling
Dear old Whittier we love so well.
Our hearts belong to thee forever;
They thrill with love for thee most dear.
Our loyalty fades never,
We’ll be ever true to Whittier.
When the moonlight sheds its splendor
And the students ever come and go,
There we roam in rapture tender,
In the evening’s mellow golden glow.

Words by Elwin Little and Marjorie (Little) Major
Music based on Hawaiian song “Una Like Noa Like (Sweet Constancy)”
First published in 1905