Your Participation Matters


Your support of the College at any level makes a difference.

Aside from giving back to the next generation of students much as others did for you, there are two critical reasons that your support makes a difference.

College Rankings

Rankings are often calculated based on the philanthropy of its alumni body both in terms of dollar contributions and percent participation. Your gift of any amount will be counted in this year’s participation total and feed the ranking calculations used by publications such as U.S. News and World Report. Your Whittier degree appreciates in value as the prestige and rankings of the College ascend.

Grant Awards

Whittier College relies heavily on very large grants from some of the most notable foundations in the world. In making their award decisions, foundations often ask how our own alumni participate because these foundations want to know that Whittier alumni, parents and friends are as interested in supporting the College as they might be. In effect, your gift of any amount will be leveraged to raise million dollar gifts from foundations.