3-2 Engineering Program


From building bridges to designing computer chips, engineers apply the principles of science and mathematics to solve real world problems and are essential to the technology-based economy of the modern world.

Engineers solve interesting technical problems in many contexts and in many industries, finding their way into the top ranks of executives at major corporations.

Students in the 3-2 Program normally spend three years at Whittier College and two years attending an engineering school. The five-year program leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree from Whittier College–in either physics, math, computer science or chemistry–and a bachelor of science degree in engineering from a university. This program is not available to transfer students.

3-2 Program students benefit from the broad intellectual training offered by a liberal arts college and the technical training offered by an engineering school. Students who complete 3-2 engineering programs often find themselves choosing between excellent opportunities in graduate school and industry.

Currently, Whittier College offers a joint 3-2 engineering program with the University of Southern California.

If a student transfers to a non-affiliated university previously approved by the Registrar and the 3-2 Program Director, and receives an engineering degree from that university then they may receive a Whittier degree through the 3-2 Engineering Program, provided they have met all the requirements for that program as listed in the Whittier College Catalog.

The following guidelines for the 3-2 Engineering Program have been agreed upon  by the Director of the 3-2 Engineering Program and the Registrar.

  1. The student must complete a minimum of 90 credits before leaving Whittier College to pursue an engineering degree at an approved institution.
  2. Within the 90 credits, a maximum of 60 credits will be allowed in transfer and a minimum of 30 credits must be completed in residence.
  3. Within the 90 credits, all Liberal Education requirements (except for the Senior Presentation) must be satisfied and a majority of the Major requirements must be satisfied. Transfer courses from the approved institution may be used to satisfy remaining Major requirements only with prior approval from the Director of the 3-2 Engineering Program and the Chair of their Whittier Major.
  4. Before leaving Whittier College, the student must submit a 3-2 Engineering Transition Form to the Registrar's Office.
  5. The student may transfer in credits from the approved institution to complete the remaining general electives needed to satisfy the 120 credits needed for graduation from Whittier College.
  6. The student must provide an official transcript from the approved institution, verifying graduation from that institution, before a BA degree will be awarded by Whittier College.