Special Awards


The following categories of recognition are only intermittently awarded, based on outstanding achievement that does not fall within the criteria or specifications of other alumni awards.

Achievement Award - Graduate Program

Matt Espe MBA '84 (2011)

Purple & Gold Honorary Service

Purple & Gold honorees have displayed exemplary service, significant contributions, support, and volunteerism to the Whittier College Athletic Program 

Vincent J. Daigneault '85 (2005)
Willard V. Harris '55
Jack A. Mele* '43 (2007)
Jerry J. Morgan '61 (2009)

Dezember Medal for Distinguished Service 

Awarded for uncommon commitment to Whittier College to recognize those whose extraordinary leadership permanently enhances the welfare of the College and significantly shapes its future.

Rayburn S. Dezember* '53 (2002)
C. Milo Connick* (2003)
Veloz, Roberta G. (2007)
Rick Gilchrist '68 (2011)
Ruth B. Shannon (2013)

Poet Award Honoree

Recognizing special deeds or volunteer work done in support of a Whittier College initiative or limited campaign.

Vincent J. Daigneault (2005)