Majors & Minors

Requirements for the Major in Chemistry

The Chemistry Department offers three majors: chemistry, biochemistry, and an ACS Certified major in chemistry.

Core courses (required for all three options):

General Chemistry (CHEM 110A,B; 8 credits)
Quantitative Analysis (CHEM 220A,B; 5 credits)
Organic Chemistry (CHEM 231A,B; 6 credits)
Organic Chemistry Laboratory (CHEM 233A, B; 2 credits)
Physical Chemistry (CHEM 321A; 4 credits)
Seminar (CHEM 491; 2 credits)
Integrated Laboratory (CHEM 486: 3 credits)
Calculus and Analytical Geometry I, II (MATH 141A, B; 8 credits); or Integrated Pre-Calculus/Calculus I, II (MATH 139 A, B; 7 credits, and MATH 141B; 4 credits) 
College Physics I, II (PHYS 135A, B; 8 credits); or Introductory Kinematics and Mechanics, Introductory Electricity, Magnetism, and Thermodynamics (PHYS 150, 180; 9 credits)

Option 1: Major in Chemistry (minimum 36 chemistry credits)

Core program plus 6 additional chemistry credits (300 level or above).

Option 2: Major in Biochemistry (minimum 41 chemistry credits)

Core program plus the following courses:
Biochemistry (CHEM 471A, B; 6 credits)
Biochemistry Laboratory (CHEM 472; 1 credit)
Advanced Biochemistry Laboratory (CHEM 473; 1 credit)
Biophysical Chemistry (CHEM 480; 3 credits)
Cell and Molecular Biology (BIOL 151; 4 credits)
Molecular Genetics (BIOL 381; 4 credits)

And choice of one: Microbiology (BIOL 343; 4 credits); or Immunology (BIOL 331; 4 credits); or Developmental Biology (BIOL 404; 4 credits)

Option 3: Major in Chemistry with ACS Certification (minimum 47 chemistry credits)

Core program plus the following courses:
Biochemistry (CHEM 471A; 3 credits)
Physical Chemistry (CHEM 321B; 2 credits)
Physical Chemistry Laboratory (CHEM 325; 1 credit)
Instrumental Analysis (CHEM 442; 4 credits)
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (CHEM 452; 4 credits)

Choice of three additional 400 level chemistry credits.

Study of a foreign language, although not required, is highly recommended, particularly for students who plan to pursue graduate studies in chemistry.

CHEM 85 and 95 may not be applied toward a major in Chemistry.

Requirements for the Minor in Chemistry

A minor in chemistry requires 21 credits: CHEM 110A, B; CHEM 220A, B; CHEM 231A,B; CHEM 233A, B.