Alumni Spotlight

Alex Tallarida ’10

Major: Economics

Minor: Math

Activities: William Penn Society, Richard M. Nixon Fellowship, Student Government (as freshman class president)

What first attracted you to Whittier College? John Greenleaf Whittier Scholarship.

Why did you choose to study economics? Professor Greg Woirol inspired me to pursue the field of economics. He was the most prepared and un-biased professor I have ever been around. A true professional!

What is one of your favorite Whittier College memories? One of my favorite memories is my senior goodbyes for the William Penn Society and knowing that we had remained the strongest society on campus. My second favorite memory was winning an economic distinction award for having the highest GPA in the Economics Department.

Where was your favorite place to study? My favorite place to study was either my dorm room or the third floor of Wardman Library.

What was your favorite class? "Econ 360: Industrial Organizations."

Who was your favorite professor? Professor Woirol.

Did you intern while at Whittier College? Where, and what was that experience like? I interned for Tenet Healthcare during my sophomore, junior, and senior years. These internships changed my outlook on why I was going to school and enabled me to tailor my education to best suit my career goals. I also interned at the Richard M. Nixon Library during my senior year. This was an amazing experience. I published multiple articles on Nixon’s healthcare policies and met a number of members who were in Nixon’s administration. I also was able to attend the Nixon Foreign Policy meeting and meet Henry Kissinger in Washington D.C.

What was your first job after Whittier? What are you currently up to? How has your Whittier education benefited you professionally? My first job after Whittier was going to graduate school at Cornell University for a Masters in Health Administration. I am currently working for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in their Health Industries practice located in New York City. My Whittier education has given me the technical skills and subject matter expertise needed to succeed at my job.

What advice would you give to future economics students when they graduate? Any job is a good job! Make the most out of your opportunities and never doubt your abilities.

I am a ‘Poet for Life’ because… of the William Penn Society, Economics Department, and Richard M. Nixon Fellowship.

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