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Economics is the social science concerned about how markets and economies function, how people and businesses make decisions, and the roles and impacts that policies and institutions have on economic conditions and well-being. The mission of the Department of Economics is to provide an economic perspective and awareness about social issues, to create an appreciation of differing economic viewpoints, to equip students with the tools needed to approach questions logically and methodically, and to solve problems that relate to economic phenomena.

At Whittier College, the study of economics provides students with a challenging classroom environment and opportunities to work closely with accomplished faculty. The curriculum for the major, which includes core-theory courses, topical electives, and training in statistical analysis, endows students with the tools to work in a range of fields, including the law, government, higher education, research, and varied business-oriented professions. To accommodate these diverse career and graduate study options, students are given the choice of three specialized concentrations of study leading to a degree: Analytical Economics, Business Economics, and International Economics. We also offer a general Economics concentration.

Economics classes are purposely kept accessible to other majors, and the major itself is closely linked to other departments – such as Business Administration, Environmental Science, Mathematics, and Political Science – through pairings and interdisciplinary courses, thus offering graduates a wide breadth of knowledge and preparation.

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