Services & Programs

Whittier College students and employees are encouraged to take advantage of special programs and services offered to promote safety and security at Whittier College. Many of the services offered by the Department of Campus Safety are mentioned below.

Alarm Systems

All Campus buildings have fire alarms that are monitored and maintained by Campus Safety Personnel. There are several security alarm systems that are monitored, maintained and responded to by Campus Safety personnel.

Awareness Presentations

Speakers are available to give awareness presentations to your group or department about sexual assault, theft prevention, violent crimes, domestic violence, alcohol and drugs, personal safety, emergency preparedness and other safety topics.

Campus Telephones

There are several telephones located on the exterior of campus buildings that may be used to report emergencies or make inter-campus telephone calls. The phones are yellow in color in order to allow for ease of identification. Emergencies may also be reported on any campus phone. Please dial ext. 4911 and inform the Campus Safety Dispatcher of the nature and location of the emergency.

Crime Prevention Programs

Campus Safety's crime prevention program exists to eliminate criminal opportunities and encourage students and employees of the College to be responsible for their own security and that of others.

Emergency Alert Notices

When circumstances warrant, Crime Alert Bulletins are released by Campus Safety to warn the College Community of special crime-related conditions.

Dispatch Center & Security Equipment

The department operates a full-service college operator and emergency dispatch center located in the Campus Safety office. The center is staffed 24 hours a day by both fulltime and part-time employees. The dispatch center also houses monitoring equipment for the college’s fire and intrusion alarms, as well as our camera system. Please note that our camera monitoring equipment is used for evidentiary purposes only.

Escort Services

The Department operates and provides escorts to College students and employees. The escort service is a safety feature offered by the department. During the day escorts are provided for medical injuries and safety reasons only. During the evening hours escorts are provided to and from home or residence hall, campus, or parking areas. This service is only available within established boundaries.

Lost & Found

Campus Safety is the official clearing house for all property lost, or found on campus. Should you discover an item of personal property belonging to another or wish to retrieve an item, please contact our dispatcher at ext. 4211.

Operation Identification

Campus Safety is taking positive action to minimize the risk of theft and to help ensure the return of stolen property should a theft occur. Operation Identification had proven to be a deterrent to the potential burglar or thief by assuring that stolen property can be identified by the police as your belongings. Campus Safety will engrave your valuables free of charge. Dial ext. 4211 to make an appointment.

Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.)

R.A.D. is offered as part of the physical education curriculum, sponsored by Campus Safety. Participation in R.A.D. is limited to females. Those interested in the course may enroll during registration at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. The course is designed to enhance the options of self-defense so they may become a viable consideration to the person who may be attacked.