Student Resources

The Office of the Registrar has compiled a list of important forms and resources students will need throughout their time at Whittier. Contact us for information not provided here.


Form Reason to Use This Form

Academic Review Appeal

Appeal Academic Suspension and Full Probation sanctions.

Academic Overload Petition

If you wish to take over 16 units during a regular semester or summer term.


To add/drop classes.

Application for Graduation - BA

To apply for graduation - Bachelor of Arts Students Only.

Application for Graduation - MA

To apply for graduation - Master of Arts Students Only.

Change Major/Minor/Advisor

If you want to change your major, minor or advisor.

Commencement Agreement

To walk in commencement while being short requirements for graduation.

Concurrent Enrollment

If you wish to take courses at another institution, including those through a study abroad program.

Data Order

To request data reports from the Registrar.

Degree Audit

Update DegreeWorks to substitute, waive, or change how a course is used.

Diploma Reorder

If you have graduated and you want to order a duplicate diploma.

Directed Study Application

Directed Study is a tutorial arrangement with a faculty member when a course that is offered in the current catalog is not offered in a specific term.

Enrollment Verification Request

The National Student Clearinghouse provide lenders, insurance companies, employers, and other third parties instant enrollment and degree verifications.

If you are a current student and need to verify your current term enrollment, please access the National Student Clearinghouse Student Self-Service link from login; select the "My Info" tab; and then click the "Enrollment Verification" link in the "Student Registration Tools" menu. There is no charge for this service.

FERPA Release of Records

Use Poet Proxy Access to grant your parent or another person access to specific pages you authorize. A Poet Proxy Access account must be established with a secure pass phrase before Registrar's Office staff will discuss your confidential information with a third party over the telephone.

FERPA Request for Confidentiality

To prevent the College from sharing "directory information" with an unauthorized third party.

FERPA Request to Inspect/Review Records

To review your official (paper) academic record.

FERPA Rights

To view your student rights under FERPA.

FERPA Information for Eligible Students

Information from the US Department of Education explaining your privacy rights.

Incomplete Grade Application

To apply for a grade of Incomplete with an instructor.

Independent Study Application

Independent Study is a tutorial arrangement with a faculty member when a student would like to do research on a topic that is not offered in the current catalog.

Lib Ed Pre 2005

For students admitted before Fall 2005.

Lib Ed New 2005

To check off the LibEd requirements you have completed.

Lib Ed 2008

To check off the LibEd requirements you have completed.

Non-Degree Application - High School Dual Enrollment

Please review the Dual Enrollment policy before applying. If you are currently in high school and want to start earning college credit prior to graduation.

Non-Degree Application - Graduate

If you already have a bachelor's degree and are not seeking another degree but want to take courses at Whittier College.

Non-Degree Application - Undergraduate

If you are not a degree-seeking student but want to take courses at Whittier College.

Online Course Search Instructions

Step by step instructions on how to search for classes online.

Online Grades/Schedule Instructions

Step by step instructions on how to view your schedule or grades.

Petition for Exception to College Policy

To petition a college policy.

Readmission  Application

Students who have missed at least one term of enrollment must apply for readmission. Deadlines: Fall Term - April 1 / Spring Term - November 1

Student Travel

To be reimbursed for participation in collaborative faculty-sponsored scholarly presentations and related Activities.

Time Conflict

If you are registering for courses that conflict in time.

Transcript Request

To order an Official Transcript.

Voter Registration (California)

Register to vote in California.

Voter Registration Application (National)

Register to vote in your home state (inscribase para votar).

Withdrawal from Class

Withdraw from a Class. Use after the last day to drop

Withdrawal / Leave of Absence

To withdraw from Whittier College or request a Leave of Absence.


Resources for International Students

My.Whittier.Edu Resources