Costs & Billing


The information below provides students with a general idea of the basic charges they may be responsible to pay to Whittier College, based on the exchange agreement between Whittier College and their home university. 

The Office of International Programs will confirm a student’s fees upon enrollment. 

  • Tuition $0
  • Double Room $4,027 per semester, if not covered by your exchange agreement
  • Meal Plan $3,192 per semester. Meal plan prices vary. Amount shown is based on a 15-meal plan.
  • Student Health Insurance Plan $1095 per semester. Exchange students must purchase the Whittier College plan.
  • Student Body fee $120 per semester
  • Health & Wellness fee $75 per semester
  • Orientation $200 (one time fee)
  • Residence Hall Assessment fee $100 per semester

Payment Deadlines

Payment deadlines are determined by the Business Office and can be viewed in the Office's Billing Schedules & Information page