The Office of Equity and Inclusion also serves as a Pride Center and welcomes any student group that acknowledges and celebrates LGBTQIA+ and gender identity. 

Read Whittier College's nondiscrimination statement.

Gender-Inclusive Housing (GIH)

Gender inclusive housing at Whittier College provides an affirming, safe, and welcoming theme community option for students who identify and/or share the following lived experiences: genderqueer, transgender, currently transitioning, discovering their gender identity, gender, gender fluid, non-binary, or anyone who respects and appreciates students with the above identities and lived experiences.

Gender Inclusive Restrooms 

Gender inclusive restrooms are facilities that may be used by all gender identities and expressions and allow for all Whittier College students, faculty, staff, and visitors to maintain their right to use restrooms in a safe and dignified manner regardless of their gender identity or presentation. While gender-inclusive restrooms were created to provide a safer space for trans- and gender non-conforming students, faculty, staff, and community members of the College, these restrooms may benefit caregivers and parents with differently gendered children. Gender-inclusive restrooms are listed in the campus map.

Advocates at Whittier

The LGBTQ+ Ally training provides an avenue through which individuals can actively show their support of the LGBTQ+ community. LGBTQ+ Allies strive to maintain a welcoming and supportive campus environment for LGBTQ+ students, faculty, and staff by addressing homophobia and heterosexism through education, advocacy, awareness, and ally networking. LGBTQ+ Allies make the following pledge:

  • To educate and challenge myself and others about heterosexism, homophobia, and transphobia 
  • To be supportive and affirming of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning people 
  • To honor the confidentiality of LGBTQ+ people who seek support 
  • To provide others with access to information and resources when necessary 
  • To speak up and take necessary action when I witness injustice on campus 

The LGBTQ+ Ally training is also available as a two-hour training for departments, clubs, and organizations. Training requests may be submitted to

Clubs and Organizations

Transgender, Other-Identified, Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, and Allies for Diversity (TOBGLAD) is a confidential group that serves as a support system for students and involves them in crucial social and political issues affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and ally communities. The organization's focus is to end discrimination through educating the Whittier College community. Annual events include Drag Shows, National Coming Out Day, Day of Silence, LGBT History Month (October), Trans Awareness Week (November).

The Bias Response Team handles all bias incident reports and responds by providing support to students, faculty, and staff making a report and addressing the incident.

Whittier College community members who have seen, heard, or experienced bias should report the incident using the Bias Reporting Form.

We are committed to ensure transgenders students are able to use their preferred names during their time at Whittier College. While legal names cannot be changed without a court order, it is possible to use a preferred name on class rosters, identifications, and email. The Office of Equity and Inclusion can facilitate this process on a student's behalf.  

To change your preferred name, email Jenny Guerra at to schedule a meeting. The name change will take effect in the following places and systems:

  • My.Whittier account
  • Class rosters
  • Email display name
  • Student identification card

While every effort will be made to ensure consistency across all College portals and databases, a student's legal name remains the default name. For some purposes, like financial aid and student billing accounts, only legal names can be used. Therefore, our efforts to support preferred names cannot be completely comprehensive without a legal name change. 

Students considering a legal name change can contact the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center’s Transgender Economic Empowerment Project for further information and assistance.