Undocumented Student FAQ


Can I apply for campus housing if I am an undocumented student?

Yes. All newly admitted and transfer students have the opportunity to apply for housing on campus. Information regarding housing processes and procedures is provided by the Office of Residential Life. 

I have a diagnosed disability. Do I have access to disability services on campus?

Yes. Student Accessibility Services approves and arranges for reasonable accommodations for students with clinical documentation of disabilities so that they may have an equitable college experience.

Can I use services offered by the Center for Advising and Academic Success (CAAS) such as tutoring, computer lab, or guidance from an academic coach?

Yes. All Whittier College students have access to resources and services provided by CAAS. CAAS empowers all Whittier College students to become successful, self-directed, and collaborative lifelong learners. Whether you are looking for short or long term assistance with your educational objectives – through tutoring, workshops, advising, coaching, or are simply looking for a space to work on an assignment - CAAS's support services and holistic learning environment meet the needs of anyone who is willing to work towards building and sharpening their academic and personal goals. 

If I fall ill, can I receive medical care at the Student Health and Wellness Center?

All Whittier College full-time undergraduate students can use the services of the Student Health and Wellness Center regardless of their insurance carrier or legal status. Provider appointments are free. Part-time students must be enrolled in at least six (6) units per semester to be eligible for Student Health and Wellness Center services. Additionally, part-time students who wish to use the health center must pay a $75 semester fee. 

If I am undocumented, can I use the Counseling Center's services?

Counseling services are provided at no cost to all currently enrolled undergraduate students at Whittier. Professional counseling staff is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  For after hour advice, call the After-Hour RN Telephone Advice Line at 562.464.4548.  This service is NOT for life-threatening Emergencies.  For emergencies, call Campus Safety at 562.907.4211 and ask to be connected to an on-call therapist. 

Are there clubs on campus that support undocumented students?

There are many clubs on campus that support the identities of all students.There are more than 90 clubs and organizations on campus. The Office of Student Engagement can assist you with finding groups you'd like to join or even starting up your own. 

What is a fellowship and can I apply for one?

A fellowship enriches a student’s college career with other experiential opportunities. A fellowship usually combines a scholarship (e.g., tuition scholarship, financial stipend) with a mentored experience (e.g., faculty advisors for research/creative projects, supervisors for internships, etc.). Fellowships fund a specific purpose such as education (in the U.S. or abroad), research/creative work, teaching, or public service.

Associate Professor of Biology Sylvia Vetrone serves as Whittier’s Director of Fellowships. Together with faculty and staff who serve as fellowship advisors, Professor Vetrone is committed to helping students launch their search for internal (awarded by Whittier) or external (awarded by other organizations) fellowships which best match their current college and/or future post-college goals. Contact Professor Vetrone for guidance before applying for a fellowship.

Visit the Whittier College Fellowships page  to review a selected list of fellowships, categorized by undergraduate and postgraduate fellowships. Each fellowship description indicates whether or not U.S. citizenship is required. Fellowships offered by Whittier College do not require U.S. citizenship.