CITI Certification


All investigators and key personnel involved in the conduct of human subjects research are required to complete CITI Certification to be eligible to submit a study for IRB approval or to participate in an IRB-approved study. 


Visit the CITI Program website and select the Register button in the top right-hand corner. 

  1. Under "Select Your Organization Affiliation", enter Whittier College. Agree to the Terms of Service and affirm your affiliation. 
  2. Enter the required personal information using your Whittier College email as your primary email address. 
  3. Follow online prompts to create your username, password, and security question and answer. 
  4. Enter Country of Residence: United States 
  5. Answer "No" regarding CEU credits and indicate your preference regarding surveys and marketing materials. 
  6. Complete the required fields: "For Role in Research" all undergraduate students should select "Student Researcher-Undergraduate."
  7. The only course required by IRB is Human Subjects Research listed as Question 1. Indicate whether you are a student or faculty researcher. You are not required to answer the questions regarding other available courses (Information Privacy & Security; Responsible Conduct of Research; Laboratory Animal Research; Biosafety/Biosecurity). These courses can be added later from the Main Menu if you choose or as required to comply with federal regulations or instructor requirements. 
  8. Complete and finalize registration. You will receive email confirmation from CITI.
  9. When you next log on to CITI, the Whittier College courses you selected will be listed on the "Main Menu/My Courses" page. You can add or remove a course, update your profile, and view previously completed coursework under “My Learner Tools for Whittier College."

Before beginning a course, you will be asked to complete the Integrity Assurance Statement. You may have to complete the Integrity Assurance Statement again if you stop between course modules or if you remain on the site for a long duration. 

An average score of 80% on all quizzes is required to receive certification for Human Subjects Research. Once you complete the course, a completion record will be automatically sent to Whittier College’s Office of Research & Sponsored Programs. 

If you need additional assistance, please contact Lisa Newton, Office of Research & Sponsored Programs, at 562.907.4942 or