Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee


All institutions that carry out research on vertebrae animals and receive federal funding must have an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) as required by federal law.

This required institutional committee was created largely because of inconsistent animal care between research and teaching institutions as viewed by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and US Public Health Services (PHS). These organizations that regulate animal use, empowered by Congress, have created their own policies and guidelines and institutions must therefore meet the most stringent rule from either the USDA and PHS rules in order to harmonize any differences in procedures. 

Committee Members

IACUC must have a minimum of 5 members (members can have multiple roles) but they must include the following: Chairman (appointed by the institution), veterinarian (no relationship to the college), scientist (with animal care experience), nonscientist and a nonaffiliated person to the College. 

IACUC Primary Goals

  1. To review and approve research protocols
  2. Conduct evaluations of animal care and review any concerns
  3. Review previous work
  4. Inspect facilities (every 6 months or less)
  5. Report to the Dean (Whittier College’s designated Institutional Official)

More detail information, research protocol submissions and/or questions can be submitted directly to Whittier College’s IACUC members.

Download the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare IACUC Guidebook