Research & Fieldwork

At Whittier College, our student body works in close, active collaboration with professors who are leaders in their fields. Together, this team of learners conducts research projects that push the boundaries of knowledge and inquiry.

For example, select students support faculty members with their professional academic investigations. At other times, it is the faculty which assists the efforts of students in pursuing groundbreaking new research. As a result of these experiences, and with confidence in their own abilities, Whittier students regularly go on to participate in conferences (such as the Southern California Conference on Undergraduate Research) and other academic conclaves across the nation.

Students further interact with faculty members in programs that are part of the College’s Center of Distinction and take place at Garrett and Hartley Faculty Masters' Houses, on-campus residences where professors live for a multi-year term and coordinate and host an array of educational and social activities.

While students at large universities struggle merely to gain face-time with professors, here at Whittier, students interact with the faculty personally and on a daily basis.

Academics in Action

Professor and Students Unravel the
Complex Persona of Clint Eastwood 

It’s JanTerm. You’ve enrolled in FILM 290: “Films of Clint Eastwood” and are entering Hoover 100, which is known for its movie theater seating and enormous projection screen—the perfect setting for a class full of action-packed films.

In walks an added bonus: Professor Rich Cheatham. Read more.

Fulbright Fellow Veronica Moreno ’12
Grabs Her Camera and Heads to Argentina

Fascinated with Argentine history and culture, Veronica Moreno '12 will be headed south in spring 2013 to participate in  the Fulbright Teaching Assistantship program, which involves spending at least 20 hours a week helping teach English language at an assigned foreign school.

Moreno, who was the executive producer of the Video Production Studio at Whittier, also plans to work with a group of students to produce a 15-30 minute short film. Read more.