Whittier Scholars Program


The Whittier Scholars Program offers students the opportunity to design an individualized education, tailored just for them, at Whittier College.

Each student in the Whittier Scholars Program creates an Educational Design, a customized pathway to their degree, that integrates their strengths, ambitions, and passion with coursework and experiences to match their career goals.

The Educational Design

Students create their Educational Design with close mentorship from a dedicated team of professors. Once approved, the Educational Design becomes the student's unique graduation requirements. All Whittier Scholars Educational Designs include the following:

  • At least one off-campus experience
  • A long-term faculty-sponsored research-based project
  • One or two majors, which may be created by the student or taken from the College Catalog
  • Up to two minors, which may be created by the student or taken from the College Catalog
  • At least two courses from in each of Whittier's academic divisions: natural sciences, social sciences, humanities & arts
  • A college writing seminar
  • A college math course
  • Courses and other learning experiences that provide the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and respect differences among groups of people
  • Competence in professional skills including initiative, intentionality, collaboration, and innovation/integrative thinking
  • At least one methodological course

What You'll Accomplish

  • Develop, refine, and pursue your own educational goals
  • Present your achievements, growth, and knowledge in a multimedia portfolio of work
  • Gain knowledge in a variety of subjects and perspectives
  • Create original work that demonstrates your understanding and knowledge of your self-designed education
  • Combine academics and coursework with co-curricular and off-campus learning experiences such as research, studying abroad, internships or service learning