Psychiatric Services

Psychiatrists are trained in the medical, psychological, and social components of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. They order diagnostic tests, prescribe medications, practice psychotherapy, and help patients and their families cope with stress and crises. Psychiatrists often consult with primary care physicians and psychotherapists, such as psychologists and social workers.

Dr. Herbert-On Chin, M.D., is the psychiatrist at Whittier College. Dr. Chin has been a medical professional for more than 40 years, working and studying on both the East and West coasts, as well as time abroad. Dr. Chin has worked in a variety of placements including psychiatric, medical, and university hospitals, state facilities, nursing homes, and community clinics. In addition, he has been an instructor at both USC and Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey. Dr. Chin is a member of the Los Angeles Psychiatric Association, the American Psychiatric Association, and the American Medical Association. Dr. Chin has raised two children and has a great appreciation for the challenges and opportunities presented in college life.

How can a psychiatrist help me?
Psychiatrists are similar to psychologists in that they may help treat depression, anxiety, concentration problems, and substance abuse problems, along with many other disorders. The primary difference is that a psychiatrist has a medical degree and may discuss the option of medication to aid in helping you.

What should I expect when I meet with the psychiatrist?
During your first visit, the psychiatrist will conduct a thorough assessment of symptoms, take your family’s medical history, as well as your medical history, and get other relevant background information to determine whether or not medication is in your best interest. The psychiatrist will discuss all options with you and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of medication. If the decision is made to begin taking medication, the psychiatrist will schedule future appointments to continuously monitor the medication and readjust if necessary.

How I do I meet with the psychiatrist?
The College psychiatrist works very closely with counseling center staff. In order to meet with the psychiatrist, stop by the counseling center or call us at 562.907.4239 to schedule an appointment with a counselor. The counselor will perform an intake where he or she will evaluate to see if a medication evaluation with the psychiatrist is warranted.  If the counselor feels that an evaluation for medication is necessary, an appointment with the psychiatrist will be scheduled.