Purple and Gold

The Purple & Gold Club is the primary support group for the Whittier College Athletics Department. Through its dedicated fundraising efforts, the Purple & Gold Club serves as a valuable resource for special athletic needs, including travel expenses for out-of-state tournaments, training equipment, facility improvements, uniforms, awards, and other items to enhance the men's and women's athletic programs.

Annual contributions help support all 22 intercollegiate athletic teams, involving nearly one-third of the students at Whittier.

In addition to fundraising, the Purple & Gold Club is also active in the lives of the Poet student-athletes through sponsorships of annual events, such as the Fall Tailgate, the men's and women's Basketball Classic, the All-Sports Awards Banquet, the Purple & Gold Golf Tournament, and the Hall of Induction Dinner.

Member Opportunities*

Level 1 Poet Bench $75 to $124
Level 2 Poet Associate $125 to $249
Level 3 Poet Cheering Section $250 to $999
Level 4 Poet Boosters $1,000 to $2,999
Level 5 Poet Captain $3,000 to $6,999
Level 6 Lifetime Membership $7,000+

*Quid pro quo amounts that are deductible for federal income tax purposes are as follows: Poet Associate, $120; Poet Cheering Section, $140; Poet Boosters, $240; Poet Captain, $350; Lifetime Membership, $450. 

Membership Benefits

  Lv. 1 Lv. 2 Lv. 3 Lv. 4 Lv. 5 Lv. 6
Email Updates X X X X X X
Season Pass for Two to Football & Basketball Games   X X X X X
One Pass to P&G All-Sports Awards Banquet   X X X    
Two Passes to P&G All-Sports Awards Banquet         X X
Whittier College Athletics Shirt     X X X X
Use of the George Allen Fitness Center       X X X
Use of the Aubrey Bonham Track         X X

For more information about Purple & Gold membership, contact Assistant Director Athletics Mike Rizzo at 562.907.4967 or mrizzo@whittier.edu.