Call for Nominations: ASWC Honors Convocation Awards

Monday, January 25, 2016

Each year, Associated Students of Whittier College (ASWC) presents three faculty/staff awards, one Uptown Business award, and one student award at the Annual Honors Convocation. Students are encouraged to submit nominations for the Richard B Harvey,  Marilyn Veich, Key to the College, Uptown Business and Margo Latif Awards each March.

Richard B. Harvey Award

Named for Professor of Political Science Richard Harvey, this award recognizes a tenured faculty member who has taught at Whittier for an extended period of time. This award honors the recipient’s outstanding leadership in the classroom and/or exemplary administrative service to the College. He or she has gone beyond the call of duty and has shown a true belief in Whittier and its values.

Past award recipients:

2016 - Paul Kjellberg (Philosophy)
2015 - Gary Libman (Quaker Campus)
2014 - Charles "Charlie" Eastman (Writing Program)
2013 - Doreen O’Connor-Gomez (Whittier Scholars Program and Spanish)
2012 - Joyce Kaufman (Political Science and Center for Engagement with Communities)
2011 - Charles Reeg (Chemistry)
2010 - Geetha Rajaram 
2009 - sal Johnston (Sociology) & Sean P. T. Morris (English)
2006 - Doreen O’Connor-Gomez (Whittier Scholars Program and Spanish)

Marilyn Veich Award

The Marilyn Veich Award is presented to an individual who makes outstanding contributions to Whittier College and is dedicated to improving the lives of its students.

Past award recipients:

2016 - Rebecca Eberle-Romberger (Student Counseling Center)
2015 - Mike McBride (Political Science) & Laura McEnaney (History)
2014 - Eric Lindgren (Political Science)
​2013 - Jeffrey Decker (Business Administration)
2012 - Kathy Barlow (Sports Management and Kinesiology and Nutrition Science)
2011 - sal Johnston (Sociology)
2010 - George DaRoza (Modern Languages)
2009 - Susan Gotsch (Sociology and Business Administration)
2006 - Andre Coleman (Dean of Students Office)
2003 - Sean P. T, Morris (English)

Key to the College Award

The Key to the College is presented to an individual who has shown great support for the Associated Students of Whittier College (ASWC) and dedication to all students.

Past award recipients:

2016 - Elizabeth Schrock (Dean of Students Office)
2015 - Suzanne "Suzy" McDonald (Admissions),  Sean P. T. Morris (English), and 
           Deborah "Debbie" Allison (Leadership Experience & Programs)
2014 - Shauna Sobers (Leadership Experience & Programs), Daisy Machado, & Bon Appetit Staff
2013 - Mike McBride (Political Science) & Christina Scott
2012 - Gary Libman (Quaker Campus Advisor)
​2011 - Delaphine Hudson (Residential Life)
2010 - Nessa Julian (Leadership Experience & Programs)
2009 - Joy Hoffman (Cultural Center)
2006 - Dora James, The Housekeeping Staff, and President Herzberger

Uptown Business Award

The ASWC passed the Uptown Business Award bill in Spring 2015 creating space for the student body to recognize an Uptown Association Business that promotes engagement between Uptown Whittier and the Whittier College Community through sponsorships and benefits. This award was created through a bill passed in session CCXXII of the ASWC Senate co-authored by Amer Rashid and Allyssa Kimbell.

Past award recipients:

2016 - California Grill

Miss Margo Latif Memorial Award

The Miss Margo Latif Memorial Award is awarded to a student who exemplifies strong leadership skills, illustrates the values of the College, and has, through their actions and participation in the Whittier College community, enhanced and bettered the institution. This award was named in honor of Miss Margo Latif who passed away in Spring 2016. The award was created through a bill passed in session CCXXIII of the ASWC Senate co-authored by Amer Rashid and Jazmin Ringgold.

Past award recipients:

2016 - Margo Latif