IRB/HSPC Application Process


Whittier College-Affiliated Investigators

Step One

Complete CITI training for human subjects research if you have not been certified within the past three years. Human subjects research certification is required for:

  • Principal investigators
  • Co-investigators
  • Key personnel on the research team engaging with human subjects
  • Faculty research advisors (faculty who directly supervise the project; for Whittier Scholars Program students , this is the faculty sponsor.)

Step Two

Contact to request application forms and consent templates updated to adhere to the Revised Common Rule. Compile your application and all associated materials including consent forms, recruitment materials, site permissions, surveys, interview questions, and test instruments as applicable.

Step Three

Submit your application to the IRB/HSPC by emailing Applications are due the first of the month, September through June. 

Non-Whittier College-Affiliated Investigators

Requests for site permission to conduct human subjects research at Whittier College should be submitted to Please include:

  • The complete IRB application from your home institution including certification of human subjects research training, recruitment materials, surveys, interview questions, and test instruments, etc.
  • Letter of IRB approval or explanation if site permission is requested in advance of the home institution’s IRB determination.