Institutional Loan (Perkins & Whittier College)

Institutional Loans are administered by the Business Office. If you have been awarded and accepted these types of loans, an online Entrance Interview and Master Promissory Note must be submitted in order for your loan to post to your account. In addition, the Financial Aid Conditions & Authorizations must be completed with the Office of Financial Aid. You will be contacted via your email account by the Whittier College Business Office/ECSI (Loan Servicer) once your award(s) is/are ready to be E-signed. You will not receive paper Master Promissory Notes (MPN's).  For further questions, contact Esther Gagner at 562.907.4871.

If you did not receive or no longer have your email from ECSI, please use the following instructions:

  1. Go to our Loan Servicer's website at
  2. Read and follow the Electronic Promissory Notes Instructions and Click Get Started.
  3. There are 7 steps to complete the Promissory Note. Please read each screen carefully.
  4. Steps 1 and 2 will Confirm & Authenticate Your Identity.

You will need your FAFSA Pin number for the Student Authentication Screen. If you no longer have it, please go to to re-request your pin number. This process can be completed from anywhere you have internet access.