Tuition & Fees

2014-2015 Tuition & Fees

Schedule of Charges and Cancelation of Institutional Charges Policy

Undergraduate Academic Program Semester Annual
Tuition (for 12-15 credits per semester) $20,623 $41,246
Student body fee $120 $240
Student Health Insurance* $1,020 $2,040
Health services fees $75 $150
Orientation (new students only) $200 $200
Total new students $22,038 $43,876
Total returning students $21,838 $43,676
Per Credit Charge ($1,720 per unit) over 15 units    
Additional Insurance for Intercollegiate Athletic Sports $360 $720
*Insurance will be waived if the Student Health Insurance On-Line Waiver is completed.    


Residence Halls Quadruple Triple Double Single
Semester $2,439 $2,679 $3,360 $3,887
Annual $4,878 $5,358 $6,720 $7,774


Meal Plans / per week 19 Meals 15 Meals 10 Meals 5 Meals
Semester $2,763 $2,663 $2,501 $1,027
Annual $5,526 $5,326 $5,002 $2,054
Semester with Flex Points $2,983 $2,883 $2,721 $1,137
Annual with Flex Points $5,966 $5,766 $5,442 $2,274


Other Academic Programs  
Masters of Arts in Education/Credentials (per credit) $720
Department of Education - Student Teaching (per credit) $720
Department of Education - Directed Studies (per credit) $720
Summer (per credit) - Graduate $720
Summer (per credit) - Undergraduate - On-Site $882
Summer (per credit) - Undergraduate - On-Line $600
Faculty-Led Study Travel Course Tuition Fee (per course)** $1,600
** Please visit the Poet World Portal website for more information on the faculty-led study travel courses.  


Other Fees  
Graduation application fee (undergraduate) $45
Graduation application fee (graduate) $70
Directed teaching fee (12 credits) $250
1/2 hour music lesson $420
International Students Health Insurance (annual) $2,058
Study Abroad Semester Administration Fee $500
Application fee $50
Transcript fee $5
Residence Hall Assessment Fee $100
Tuition Deposit (non refundable) $400
Note: Some courses also have associated lab fees to cover the cost of supplies, breakage, field trips etc. All  fees are subject to change without notice upon approval by the Board of Trustees.  

Cancelation of Institutional Charges

Based on date of approved withdrawal or leave of absence from the College, student may receive a pro-rated cancelation of that semester's tuition, room and board.  Room and board will be canceled based on the terms stated in the Housing and Meal Contract. 

The tuition cancelation schedule is based on official withdrawal date. The College policy is as follows:

During week 1 100% of tuition will be canceled
During week 2 90% of tuition will be canceled
During week 3 80% of tuition will be canceled
During week 4 70% of tuition will be canceled
During week 5 60% of tuition will be canceled
During week 6 50% of tuition will be canceled
After week 6 40% of tuition will be canceled

Cancelation of institutional charges will trigger a return of Title IV federal financial aid as well as return of institutional aid. Please refer to your  financial aid rules, regulations and policies for more information.

For Summer Sessions, tuition cancelation policy will be applied on the same tuition cancelation schedule. However, the number of weeks in the semester is replaced by the number of days on the session. For example, week 1 will be replaced by 1st day of class, week 2 is equivalent to 2nd day of class, week 3 equals to 3rd day of class etc.

If a student is suspended, dismissed, expelled or asked to leave the College for any reason, the student is not eligible for tuition, room, board, insurance, or fees cancelation.


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