The View of Supermassive Black Holes


Date and Time:

SLC 232

Event Description

Guest Speaker: Marcello Giroletti from the National Institute for Astrophysics in Italy.

Astrophysics is undergoing a transformation thanks to the advent of large field telescopes and all-sky monitors, accompanied by the use of new carriers of information beyond electromagnetic waves, such as gravitational waves and neutrinos. Some of the most intriguing sources detected by these new methods are characterized by rapid variability or extremely short duration.  Causality applied to short timescales implies very compact sizes, which in turn requires extremely high angular resolution instruments to spatially resolve the emission regions. Marcello Giroletti will present some recent observational results based on the Very Long Baseline Interferometry technique, which shed light on the physical conditions in sources of gravitational waves, of fast radio bursts, and in the energetic regions surrounding stellar and supermassive black holes.