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Getting Involved

Four years at Whittier is enough time to discover new interests or expand on existing ones. 

Whittier's student activities office – better known as LEAP – is your one-stop shop when it comes to getting involved, connected, and discovering your potential to be a leader.

Through its different programming branches, LEAP is responsible for many of the student-centered activities on campus, from outdoor movie nights to academic field trips – and fun ones, too - to traditional special events, such as our SportsFest competitions and Dub Sync homecoming pep rally.

LEAP also provides support for the 70 student clubs and organizations on campus. With so many options, you’re sure to find your niche. The question is: where to begin? From a Medieval-based live action role playing group (Artorian Order of the Knights of Pendragon) to cultural clubs to societies – our own version of fraternities and sororities - to the weekly Quaker Campus student newspaper and QCTV news show, there’s definitely something for you. Passionate about something not already at Whittier? Get some friends together and start a club of your own.

Further immerse yourself in campus life by giving back. Take part in student government. Volunteer. Become a community adviser. LEAP offers a number of development courses and workshops to help students hone their leadership skills.

Your life at Whittier College is a time to try anything and everything. LEAP challenges you to apply yourself and explore new interests. So don’t be shy. Make Whittier yours.