Vaccine Requirement for New Students

New students must submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination by July 1 in order to register for classes.

Learn more about Whittier's vaccination policy

Campus Directory

Name Department
Adams, Charles English Language and Literature
Albers, Katherine Art & Visual Studies
Albert, Brody Art & Visual Studies
Aldama, Julie Financial Aid
Alejandrino, Alvin Biology
Alex, Stephanie Campus Safety
Algario, Deborah Education and Child Development
Allen, Jeffrey Economics
Allison, Sara Athletics
Alvarez, Mechelle Health Center
Anderson, Timothy
Andrade, Laura Wardman Library
Angevine, Sara Political Science
Aparicio, Jessica Campus Safety
Arana, Sandra Career and Professional Development
Arauz, Kimberly Student Disability Services
Arce, Nicole Education and Child Development
Arguello, Anthony Athletics
Armas, Teresa Education and Child Development
Arriaga, Melissa Athletics
Bailey, Martha Education and Child Development
Bak, John Development
Baker, Lafayette Housing & Residential Life
Barlow, Kathy Kinesiology
Barnstone, Tony English Language and Literature
Barraza, Ana Lilia Office of Marketing & Communications
Bartholomew, Theodore Counseling Center
Bauer, Christina Chemistry
Bavis, Donta Campus Safety
Becerra, Edna Office of Marketing & Communications
Beckman, Daniel Department of History
Bell, Priscilla Chemistry
Berber, Elaine Business Office
Berthel, Kenneth Modern Languages & Literatures
Bezares Calderón, Alma Economics
Bissic, William Education and Child Development
Bocanegra, Aaron
Boria-Rivera, Evelyn Writing Program
Boteilho, Eric Campus Technology
Bourgaize, David Biology
Bowen, Anna Biology
Brennan, Linda Education and Child Development
Buchanan, Diane Campus Technology
Buchanan, Shonda Academics
Buford, Larry Mail & Print Center
Burton, Jonathan
Cadman, Shane Shannon Center
Camacho, Nayeli Kinesiology, Mathematics & Computer Science, Physics & Astronomy
Camparo, Lorinda Psychological Sciences
Canizalez, Kevin Campus Safety