Helpful Tips for Transfer Students


How do I know if I am considered a transfer student?

Whittier considers you a transfer student if you have completed any courses at a two-year or four-year college or university - except those courses taken for high school credit.

How many units do I need to transfer?

There is no minimum number of courses or units needed before you may transfer to Whittier College. We believe there is a meaningful difference between getting a degree and getting an education, so if Whittier is the right place for your education, why not join us as early as you can?

I graduated from high school awhile back. Why do you need to see a high school transcript?

Because Whittier College has a foreign language requirement, our Registrar's Office may review your high school coursework to perhaps help you fulfill that graduation requirement. So even though we require your high school record, rest assured that our admission evaluations are done individually, thoughtfully, and with fair-minded perspective, especially when looking at studies completed many years prior.

Can you tell me how many of my units are considered transferable?

If you submit a transcript (even an unofficial transcript), a Whittier transfer admission counselor can provide you an approximate credit evaluation, especially if the transcript is from a familiar college to us. We encourage you to see if you are attending one of the numerous institutions with which Whittier has formed an official articulation agreement.

How do I send you my high school and college transcripts?

If you are missing transcripts, please contact your institution's Registrar's office about sending your official transcripts to Whittier College's Office of Admission.

Does the choice of intended major at Whittier College affect admission selectivity?


How long does it typically take to hear back if I was admitted or not? 

Once your application is complete (including all supporting documents) it typically takes no longer than two weeks for an admission decision to be reached. If you ever wonder if your file is missing anything, just ask us!

How do I know if my classes are considered transferable? 

Typically all college level (i.e. not remedial) academic coursework will be transferable.

Is there a maximum number of units I can transfer? 

Community college students can transfer no more than 70 semester units; four-year college students may transfer no more than 90.

How long will it take me to graduate? 

That mainly depends upon the number of accepted transfer units upon Whittier enrollment, and how they specifically align with our liberal education requirements. Most students who transfer with fewer than 60 units still manage to complete the Whittier degree in 2 or 2 1/2 years.

How much does it cost to attend Whittier?

Refer to our Tuition and Costs page.

How many general education courses do I need to take before I transfer? 

There is no minimum. Please review our articulation agreement section, or contact our transfer admission counselor.

Is there a GPA requirement to be considered for admission? 

While there is no absolute number that assures admission or denial, a 3.0 is usually safe.

What majors does Whittier College offer for transfers? Are there programs that I might be ineligible for? 

Transfer students may participate in any academic major or program except for our 3-2 Engineering Program. For more information, see a list of our available Majors & Minors and Pre-Professional Programs.

Am I eligible for scholarships and other forms of financial aid? 

Yes, you are immediately considered for the John Greenleaf Whittier Scholarship when you apply. You may also apply for a Talent Scholarship in Art, Music, or Theatre. Any other aid would be need-based, and will be derived from the information you provide on the FAFSA.

How do I get assigned to an academic advisor? 

One will be assigned to you during new student orientation, to help you register for your first Whittier term. After that, the major you select will determine your official academic advisor.

What courses can I take now that would be considered transferable to Whittier later? 

Please consult our list of articulation agreements at local community colleges, or contact our transfer admission counselor.

When do classes start? 

Please see our academic calendar.

When do I register for classes? 

New students will register during new student orientation for their first semester. After that you will register during the time slots assigned according to your class standing.

As a transfer student, am I eligible for entry into the Whittier Scholars Program? 

Yes, but your timetable for graduation could be longer, depending on how your transfer credits align with the Whittier Scholars Program (WSP) required course sequence. You might want to visit the WSP web page.

As a transfer student, am I eligible for study abroad?

Probably yes, but again it may depend on your specific course alignment and timeline for graduation. You may get further advice from our Office of International Programs.

How do I defer admission?

Please see our Next Steps page.

Is there a transfer specialist I can speak to if I have more questions?

Our Transfer Counselor, Genevieve Garcia, may be reached during regular office hours at