Affordability and Value


The value of a Whittier College education lies in Whittier's core mission: to prepare students from diverse backgrounds for success in a complex global society.

Whittier's approach to education - intimate classes, personal attention, and a focus on helping students understand connections across subjects and disciplines - produces graduates with skills that are highly valued by employers and graduate schools alike.

Aid That Matters

Whittier College awarded over $60 million in scholarships and merit awards to students admitted for fall 2023.

Every admitted student will be considered for a John Greenleaf Whittier Scholarship. The 4-year, renewable scholarship will range from $20,000 to $36,000 per year based on the academic record and overall strength of the applicant. No additional applications are necessary.

Average out-of-pocket tuition cost per student is about $20,00 per year.

More than 85% of Whittier students receive some type of aid from the College.

Visit the Financial Aid page for more information and instructions on how to apply for aid at Whittier.

Fast-Track to Graduation

With a low faculty-to-student ratio, Whittier students receive the one-on-one attention that helps them stay focused and on-track. 

No impacted majors or programs. Students can choose their major freely without the stress of competing for a spot. 

With access to hundreds of semester courses, Whittier students can fulfill major requirements without delays.

Outcomes That Matter

Over 92% of our surveyed 2019 graduates have secured full-time employment, committed to volunteering on a full-time basis, or are continuing their education. Whittier College alumni work in a variety of industries for top companies in California, around the country, and internationally. Every year, our graduates gain admission to some of the top masters and doctorate programs around the country, and many will earn fellowships to financially support their post-graduate pursuits. 

Whittier College alumni go on to become leaders in their communities and industries, and many remain active in our alumni network to support current students and recent graduates in achieving their professional goals.

2024-2025 Whittier College Cost of Attendance

Tuition: $50,410
Fees: $940
Room (double): $8,631
Board (15 meals per week): $6,840

A full schedule of charges can be obtained from the Business Office or viewed here

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