Whittier College annually awards a number of scholarships to students, including those given on criteria of academic performance, leadership in their local or school community, talent in the visual and performing arts, and other designations.

John Greenleaf  Whittier Scholarship

Admitted first-year and transfer students are automatically considered for a John Greenleaf Whittier Scholarship. These scholarships are awarded based on the academic record and overall strength of the applicant to the College. Academic performance is the primary driver for this scholarship. For admitted first-year students the Whittier Admission GPA (9th - 11th grade weighted GPA) and standardized test results (unless test optional) are considered. For admitted transfer students the cumulative college GPA is considered.

John Greenleaf Whittier Scholarships are renewable for four years, and will range from $15,000 to $36,000 per year.

Leadership Scholarship

Whittier College’s Leadership Scholarship recognizes students who demonstrate the potential to be leaders in our campus community. Each year, the Office of Admission selects approximately 20 newly admitted students to receive the scholarship, which awards up to $5,000 and is renewable every year. Students must complete the Leadership Scholarship application process to be considered. CCC Advantage and International students are not eligible to receive Leadership Scholarships.

Talent Scholarships

Whittier College offers Talent Scholarships for newly admitted students interested in participating in our Art, Music, or Theater departments. Talent Scholarships are awarded based on the strength of an applicant’s audition or portfolio and is an excellent opportunity for students looking to continue their participation in the fine or performing arts regardless of intended major. Scholarship amounts range from $1,000 - $12,000 per year. CCC Advantage and International students are not eligible to receive Talent Scholarships.

Each department has its own separate application process for scholarship consideration:

Whittier College Alumni Scholarship

Admitted first-year and transfer students who are the children of a Whittier College graduate will be awarded a Whittier College Alumni Scholarship. 

The Office of Financial Aid will retrieve your parent's information from your application for admission, and internally verify their graduation from Whittier College prior to awarding the scholarship.

The Whittier College Alumni Scholarship is an annually renewable $1,000 scholarship.

Broadoaks Scholarship

Graduates of The Broadoaks School who are admitted to Whittier College will be awarded the Broadoaks Scholarship. You can confirm your graduation from The Broadoaks School on your application for admission. The Office of Financial Aid will verify your graduation with The Broadoaks School.

The Broadoaks Scholarship is an annually renewable $1,000 scholarship.

Endowed Scholarships

Whittier College acknowledges its gratitude to the many benefactors who have contributed scholarship funds to the university. Due to their generous donations, the Office of Financial Aid is privileged to offer numerous leadership, academic merit, and need based scholarship opportunities to Whittier College students.

Most endowed scholarships are awarded automatically to students by the Office of Financial Aid based on criteria established by the funding donor. Endowed scholarships do not require a separate scholarship application but students must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the appropriate school year to be eligible to receive an endowment.

Students selected for these scholarships will be notified via a revised financial aid award letter. Students awarded an endowed scholarship from an individual or organization may be required to attend the Annual Salute to Scholarship Luncheon. All recipients of an endowment are required to provide a written thank you to the contributor.

Scholarship Search Sites

Students are encouraged to search for scholarship opportunities in addition to what may be awarded through the Office of Financial Aid. Scholarship opportunities are often available through employers, local churches or synagogues, or civic organizations. Below is a selection of scholarship search websites that offer opportunities to incoming college students. 

 For questions about the scholarships listed above, please contact