Success on the Job


You have landed your first position and it is time to celebrate your successful job search. Before your first day in your new position, consider your strategies and tactics for career success in the workplace.

Initiative and leadership – Make things happen in the workplace

  • Ask questions when you are unsure about your responsibilities or tasks 
  • Over prepare for meetings and your general day

Political savvy – Knowing the “unwritten rules” is essential

  • Take on the role of observer to learn about your organization’s culture
  • Establish realistic expectations about your role as an entry level professional

Career agility – The ability to change positions to insure career upward mobility

  • Be a team player 
  • Know your responsibilities and be willing to take on more when necessary

New employees are often required to participate in an orientation or onboarding training. These types of events can help you quickly adapt to your new office environment. If your organization does not offer these resources, find a mentor - a person in the organization who is willing to help you learn more about the history and the personnel in your new company.

Surviving a sudden job loss in today’s economy

Today’s graduates face the threat of lay-offs and job losses because of gradual or abrupt changes in the economy or organizational resources. Be prepared. You may find it useful to develop career resilience – the ability to bounce back and withstand the times without developing unhelpful or harmful professional behaviors.  

Being proactive during a sudden job loss is essential to help manage the time off between jobs. Consider practicing the following when faced with a sudden job loss:

  • Develop and sustain a network of professionals who are connected to real-time career and jobs information
  • Have your resume and online presence always ready for a job search
  • Know your worth and value by tracking and articulating your professional accomplishments

If you are faced with a sudden job loss, contact the Career Center. The CCPD team will provide you with career counseling and resources to help you transition to your next role.