President Oubré In Diverse Issues in Higher Education

January 6, 2023

blue box; text: Diverse Issues in Higher EducationWhittier College President Linda Oubré weighed in on President Biden’s approval of the new federal spending plan that will increase the Pell Grant in 2023.

The Pell Grant supports low-income college students and will now provide them with up to $7,395 a year. 
“We should understand that affordability is one of the biggest challenges facing higher education, now and into the future, as evidenced by increasing student loan debt,” said Oubré in a recent interview with Diverse Issues in Higher Education. 

Whittier College has recently directed both federal support and private donations to expand need-based scholarships, subsequently helping to improve student retention. Oubré added that “students often stop or drop out of education because of small, unexpected expenses which can force them to make difficult choices.”

“One thing I’ve learned from talking with students in trouble, a lot of times it’s $500 that keeps them [from continuing],” said Oubré in the article. “I think it’s fantastic that students will get $500 more. Of course, they need more, but it’s better than not getting it.”

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