Study Abroad Adventures in JanTerm

January 14, 2019

Sam Landa in SpainStudents are enriching their education in unique, fast-paced study abroad trips across three continents during JanTerm, the short term between fall and spring semester.

On one of the trips, like many poets and artists before them, Whittier students are journeying to the beautiful, vibrant art-filled streets of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Having arrived in time for San Miguel Poetry Week, one of the country’s oldest and most important poetry festivals, students will hone their skills and workshop their poems alongside professionals.

On the other side of the globe, two groups of Poets are trekking across lush Myanmar to investigate how biodiversity and sacred spaces intersect. Biology and religious studies are working together to create a fuller picture of the country, combining their science and humanities studies to see how everything is interconnected.

Several classes are also exploring European countries, including Great Britain, Spain, Italy, and Greece. In London, students will gain a deeper understanding of financial markets, whereas their peers in Sevilla, Spain are taking their Spanish language skills to the next level. The class exploring the Greco-Roman world will walk straight into storied history, from the impressive stony stadium of the Colosseum to the same salt-sprayed shores found in Greek myth, and will return home with a rich understanding of how ancient cultures are relevant to our modern day.

Regina Spadoni ’19, a double major in art and English with a concentration in art history, had long hoped to traverse the streets of Rome and Greece. She couldn’t miss the opportunity to travel with her peers and two “incredibly qualified professors,” she said, referring to English professor Wendy Furman-Adams and history professor David Hunt, on a trip that perfectly fit her personal and academic interests.

She hopes to return to her final semester at Whittier with more knowledge, a fresh perspective, and tons of inspiration.

“One of the pieces of wisdom I’ve received from many graduates of college is that they either found study abroad to be the highlight of their college career or not doing it to have been a regret. So I’m really grateful to have had this opportunity to study abroad, even briefly, because I know it’s a huge privilege and I am very appreciative to have access to such a wonderful experience through Whittier College,” she said.

Within the United States, a class has also taken off for New York City, where they’re enjoying the unique opportunity to study experimental theatre. Led by English professor Jonathan Burton, a native New Yorker, students explore the bustling theatre district and participate in cutting-edge performing arts.

Many students were able to travel at a sizable discount, as well. The Global Poet Scholarship provides everyone with $2,000 to study abroad through the Office of International Programs.