Building Community and Opportunities Together 

February 18, 2022

By Destiny Randle '23

Mike Moses headshotPresident of the Whittier College Black Alumni Association (WCBAA) Michael "Mike" Moses '85 impacts change for Black students and rekindles his connection to his alma mater. 

“How can I affect change?” Moses often asked himself. 

Movements like the George Floyd protests and the Black Lives Matter advocacy work motivated him to reach out and help Black students despite his disconnection to the College at the time.

Through the WCBAA, an organization that supports institutional efforts and creates network opportunities for Black students and alumni, Moses was able to impact change. 

He also shared that, “this role has helped me keep my connection to Whittier alive.” 

His mother influenced his preparation for assuming leadership roles throughout his life as he grew up watching her conduct herself as the first Black woman President of the National Science Teachers Association.

As a founding officer of the Fashion Club at Whittier and an educator at the University of Chicago Labs Schools, Moses furthered his understanding of how to lead and how to support those around him. His leadership style revolves around listening, having patience, welcoming inclusivity, and following up to ensure that people are heard, respected, and supported. 

This year, he hopes to recruit new members, retain those who have joined, and build a stronger connection with the Black Student Association (BSA) and the school community. 

“You’re not going to eat the whole apple at once. You’ll take those bites little by little and those little steps will eventually make a step. If we can take those little steps and make small incremental impacts, things will happen,” said Moses. 

This association works closely with the Office of Alumni Relations and other departments to offer networking opportunities, scholarship funds, and interactive, engaging events like monthly workshops. This April, BAA collaborated with College leadership to offer transportation to an event where students can connect with alumni. 

“We just want to help,” shared Moses. 

No matter if it is big or small, the BAA wants to stay in touch with, be active, and support Black students and alumni at Whittier.