New Book on Prejudice and Identity by Prof. Chuck Hill

April 12, 2022

book cover: Prejudice, Identity, and Well-Being: Voices of Diversity Among College StudentsProfessor of Psychology Chuck Hill’s newest book, Prejudice, Identity, and Well-Being: Voices of Diversity Among College Students, is now available through Routledge Press. 

The author examines how prejudice is related to other concepts, how identities are developed and changed, and how identities impact well-being. Hill also discusses various types of identities, with an analysis of his "Multiple Identities Questionnaire" that has been completed by more than 3,300 ethnically-diverse students at Whittier College over two decades. Interspersed throughout the book are quotes from student papers written in Hill's Diverse Identities course. 

“My hope is that readers will see themselves in the voices reflected in the book, realize that they are not alone in dealing with identity issues and prejudice, and accept themselves with pride in their identities, while understanding and valuing others,” said Hill. 

The book also has a section comparing the importance of various identities, comparing prejudices, models of how pride is developed to cope with prejudice, and changes over the years. It reveals similarities and differences in the experiences of people with similar or different identities.  

The foreword was written by Professor of Psychology and Africana Studies at the University of Delaware James M. Jones.