An Inside Look into Careers in Sports and Entertainment

June 26, 2019

Students and panelistStudents need to get their foot in the door, get noticed, and have passion for the work they’re doing. This was some of the advice panelists had for attendees during the Los Angeles Sports and Entertainment Commission (LASEC) Business of Sports speaker series.

During the invitation-only event, Whittier students—along with peers from colleges across the country—had the opportunity to hear from senior professionals in the sports and entertainment industries about what it takes to get hired and succeed in those fields.
The panelists spoke about their own career path, explained what their current roles entail, and provided words of advice for all the attendees. “We want people who are tenacious and who are committed,” said Lisa Lang, director of sales at Spectrum Sports Reach during the panel discussion. “We want people who are willing to put in the time and if you hone in on your craft and what you’re creating, you’ll be successful,”
Whittier College business major Roman Hernandez ’22 attended the LASEC event. “It was a great opportunity to learn more about the industry and see the opportunities that are available to us for the future,” he said.
After the panel discussions, attendees had the opportunity to speak with all of the senior professionals and ask more questions, get their contact information, and begin building their own professional network.
“Events like these allow students the opportunity to gain knowledge on a profession they aspire to work in, and gives them access to professionals in those fields,” said Sandra Arana, Assistant Director at the Weingart Center for Career and Professional Development, who helped connect students to the LASEC. “Being able to network in a non-intimidating environment is really helpful because the people they network with can become future employers and/or colleagues that open doors of opportunity.”