Whittier College Faculty Play Key Role in the Global Environmental Justice Project

September 15, 2017

A man wearing a thick coat and pants stand on a floating ice berg in a lake surrounded by large icebergsA multi-disciplinary team of Whittier College professors is curating a series of documentaries and creating the accompanying educational curricula that explore human rights and the environmental protection and conservation issues that result from global development and climate change in Asia. 

This effort is part of a three-year multi-media project—The Global Environmental Justice Collection—produced by Face to Face Media in collaboration with Whittier College, Yale University, and the Global Reporting Centre at the University of British Columbia. In the first year of the project, focusing on Asia and the U.S., the Henry Luce Foundation and Face to Face Media are providing major funding.

Professor Rebecca Overmyer-Velazquez is the faculty coordinator for the Whittier team. She remarks, “Protecting natural resources, restoring ecosystems, dealing with the impact of climate change on vulnerable populations: these are global concerns that the students will have to live with throughout their careers,” said Overmyer-Velazquez. “Documentaries can help us to see that we have common problems that need common solutions."

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