Letter from Vice President of Academic Affairs & Dean of Faculty (April 24. 2020)

April 24, 2020


Dear Students:

As a response to the current situation, faculty leadership has made the following changes to the grading policy: 

  • Students can take any undergraduate course on a CR/NC basis (graduate students need to talk to their advisor because of outside credentialing agencies).
  • The standard graded option has been modified to eliminate failing grades (A,B,C,D / NC). 
  • The deadline to change the grading option has been extended to the end of finals week.
  • Faculty will be very flexible with incompletes (including completion dates); students need to submit an incomplete application and need to talk to their professor.
  • Special circumstances can be handled by completing and submitting a petition form.
  • As a reminder, students can always appeal a grade.

Please note that there will be a COVID-19 notation on all Whittier College spring 2020 transcripts.
If you have questions about your grade in a course, please talk to your professor. For questions about the changes to the grading policy, you can also talk to your advisor, the Registrar, Associate Dean of Faculty Fritz Smith, or Dean of Faculty sal johnston. 


sal johnston
Vice President of Academic Affairs & Dean of Faculty