Professor Lizardo Herrera Appointed as Faculty-In-Residence

May 13, 2019

Lizardo HerreraAssociate Professor of Spanish Lizardo Herrera and his wife, artist Leonor Jurado, along with their small daughter will take residence of Garrett House beginning in August of 2019. 

Garrett House is part of the College’s Faculty Master’s Program, which combines education and social programming in an intimate and informal setting and is modeled after similar programs at Oxford and Cambridge universities. Located in the heart of campus, the masters’ houses are each awarded to a faculty-in-residence, whose multi-year assignment is to plan and host a variety of experiences exploring a designated theme.

“Beyond the programming that he develops, [Herrera] will encourage others to use his home on campus as a gathering spot. At Garrett House, he intends to support our college community’s work on diversity, equity, and inclusion by providing a platform for interdisciplinary engagement where faculty and students from different backgrounds can interact. In particular, [Herrera] will work to create a healthy, safe, and welcoming space where Whittier’s students are able to learn from one another and to express themselves,” said President Linda Oubré in an announcement to the community. 

An accomplished scholar of Hispanic languages, literatures, and films, Herrera engages with cultural influencers, artists, and filmmakers around the world who he plans to bring to events at Garrett House. He will also feature weekly movie screenings that will prompt discussion about the importance of equity and inclusion from a multidisciplinary and intersectional perspective.

“My wife and I were very excited when we learned that I am going to be the next Faculty Master at the Garrett House. We think this is a wonderful opportunity to get involved and contribute to our College community. We want to invite Whittier College students to organize academic, cultural, and professional events at Garrett House,” said Herrera.