Greenleaf Gallery Goes Digital

September 3, 2020

Elyse Espe artwork
Elyse Espe '21

Whittier College’s Art and Visual Studies Department showcased students’ work in a virtual version of its annual art exhibit. The online gallery features studio and digital art from a diverse group of students both in and outside of the department. 

“It’s really such a broad range of work on display,” said Associate Professor of Art Jenny Herrick. “We are showcasing students at all levels, some of whom are majors and others of whom are not. What really stood out to me was our students’ ability to meet the challenges of spring term with dedication, commitment, and some really strong work.” 

Herrick had been toying with the idea for an online gallery as a way for students to share their work with friends and family near and far. This year’s circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic made the online gallery a necessity. 

In past end-of-the-year exhibitions, which were hosted in Mendenhall’s Greenleaf Gallery, jury prizes were given out to some of the art pieces on display. 

“We chose not to award the jury prizes this year, as it did not seem entirely fair,” explained Herrick. “Usually we invite a guest critic to judge the work for these.” 

Still, a Presidential Purchase Prize was awarded to Elyse Espe '21 for her piece entitled, Pandemic. The piece will be purchased by President Linda Oubré and displayed on campus.